An understanding of business etiquette can make all of your professional interactions go more smoothly. For a primer on the topic, check out these eight etiquette tips.

Be Punctual

One of the most basic forms of business etiquette is being punctual. It shows that you take your commitments seriously and respect the time of others.

Technology Has a Place

Technology is useful in countless ways, but it can be a hindrance during a meeting or other times focus is necessary. If you’re in a meeting or similar situation, turn off your phone and keep it that way.

Don’t Dominate Q & A Sessions

You’ve probably been in a meeting where someone dragged things out and hogged attention by asking endless questions during a Q & A session. Don’t be that person. Keep your questions focused, and respect other people in the room by sharing the floor.

Mind Your Manners while Eating

Whether it’s in the break room or out at a company lunch, be sure to pay attention to your table manners. Don’t do anything you wouldn’t do in front of a date.

Show Gratitude

If a coworker does something for you, make sure they know you appreciate it. Failing to do so can build up resentment from others.

Be Clear in Emails

When it comes to emails, contributor Joseph Cohen recommends taking your time to be as clear as possible. The more specific you are in your email, the more likely you are to receive the answer you’re looking for.

Respect Boundaries

Another part of business etiquette is respecting boundaries. For example, if you’re not sure whether significant others are invited to a company function, make sure you ask the person in charge before bringing your partner. Failing to do so can lead to awkwardness on both sides.

Treat Emails as Public

Try to avoid saying anything in an email that you wouldn’t say to your CEO, manager, or other coworkers. If gossipy communication gets out, it may reflect poorly on you.

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