Eric Pendleton


I have 12 years’ experience in commercial lending, credit analysis, and real estate sales (and I have purchased, renovated or sold 12 different properties so far in my life). Additionally, as a small (family) business owner for decades, I have also worked closely with banks as a consumer, only to discover that regular banks turn down the majority of business lending requests, declining more than 80 percent of all business loans.

At Pendleton Financing, I provide my clients with access to not only conventional loans, but to the alternate lending world where the majority of business loans happen. It is my privilege to work with over 60 specialized, cutting-edge, diverse lenders and underwriters as my financial partners.

These professionals make deals happen with creative solutions that open up a world of options for our clients. They have often invented fascinating, innovative technology that helps them gain deep insights into our client’s distinct needs, thus they feel more comfortable lending to a specific business (than an ordinary banking institution).

From leasing heavy equipment, to financing restaurants, small businesses, franchises, and real estate, I can get you access to the funds you need. Unlike a bank, I will also give you highly personalized concierge service for no additional cost.

Professionally, while in the corporate world, I consulted in a number of key industries including banking, biotech, financial services, education, high-tech, and insurance. My diverse business experience helps me to understand – and more importantly, relate to – each of my client’s unique needs not just in terms of business, but on a human level.

On a personal note, I shuttle back and forth between the Southern Maine coast, where I grew up, and my Boston residence. I speak conversational Spanish, am fluent in French, and have degrees in French, Psychology, and Business.

Contact me for a no-obligation, exploratory conversation about your funding needs. My support team and I have over 80 combined years of commercial lending experience and it would be our pleasure to help you start or expand your business.


Senior Loan Specialist

I am proud to offer my services as a Pendleton Financing specialized loan consultant to help our clients – especially in the Spanish-speaking community – obtain the capital they need for their business.

With extensive experience in the hospitality industry, as well as corporate America, I understand how businesses work and provide senior-level service to clients. I work with a team that has a proven track record of optimizing transactions and capital structures, delivering on promises, and looking out for our clients’ best interests.

Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions you might have about commercial lending.

Especialista en prestamos

Me enorgullece ofrecer mis servicios como consultor de préstamos especializado de Pendleton Financing para ayudar a nuestros clientes, especialmente en la comunidad de habla hispana, a obtener el capital que necesitan para sus negocios.

Con una amplia experiencia en hotelería y empresas estadounidenses, entiendo cómo funcionan las empresas y proporciono un servicio de alto nivel a los clientes. Trabajo con un equipo que tiene un historial comprobado de optimización de transacciones y estructuras de capital, cumplimiento de promesas y cuidado de los mejores intereses de nuestros clientes.

Contácteme directamente con cualquier pregunta que pueda tener sobre préstamos comerciales.