All the work you put into a fix-and-flip property will only pay off if you find the right buyer. To make doing that easier, follow the four tips in this article.

Take Control to the Extent Possible

It’s impossible to control absolutely everything that can affect a fix-and-flip property, but you should still take control where you can. For example, while you may not be able to do much about a noisy neighbor, you may be able to mitigate the noise by installing a sound-barrier fence. You can read more about that and other noise solutions in this article from The Spruce.

Go the Extra Mile for the Buyer

Fix-and-flip investing doesn’t work without a buyer. That means you need to go the extra mile to keep potential buyers happy and engaged throughout the process. Perform all the research you can about the neighborhood and the property itself so that you are prepared to answer questions. Also, make sure that you’re flexible; for example, you’ll probably need to schedule around each buyer’s work schedule.

Post an Online Listing

An online listing is essential for attracting buyers. There are two options here: You can list through an agent, who will have access to listing platforms such as the Metropolitan Regional Information System and the Multiple Listing Service. Alternatively, you can obtain a realtor’s license and use those platforms yourself. Don’t forget to use alternative platforms like Facebook as well.

Make the Exterior Shine

While renovations often focus on the interior of a fix-and-flip home, the exterior is important for making a sale as well. The exterior of the home is the first thing potential buyers see, and a bad first impression can scuttle a sale. Some simple steps to take include giving the house new paint and taking care of the lawn.

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