Commercial Real Estate Financing in Atlanta, GA

There are commercial real estate opportunities in Atlanta, GA for investors at all levels. At Pendleton Financing, we provide commercial real estate financing solutions throughout Atlanta for transactions and projects of all types. We offer financing for first-time investors, seasoned pros, large-scale construction, and everything in between. Pendleton Financing has the depth of knowledge and understanding of Atlanta, GA property markets to provide funding strategies tailored to your needs.

Financing Solutions for Commercial Properties in Atlanta, GA

Pendleton Financing offers a wide range of commercial real estate funding strategies throughout the Atlanta area. Our commercial real estate financing solutions include:

  • Bridge Loans: ¬†We offer bridge loans up to $100 million to fill in any gaps in capital, or to cover time-sensitive costs to keep commercial real estate transactions on track. Our bridge loans feature LTV up to 80% and low, competitive rates.
  • CMBS Loans: Commercial mortgage backed securities (CMBS) loans from Pendleton Financing offer up to $50 million for commercial properties in Atlanta, GA and lower risk to borrowers.
  • Construction Loans: Our construction loans provide permanent financing for large projects. Pendleton Financing offers construction loans in Atlanta, GA starting at $10 million on up to $100 million and beyond, depending on the size and scope of the construction project.
  • Conventional Loans: We provide conventional loans for owner-occupied and stabilized investment properties in Atlanta, GA. Our conventional loans offer financing up to $100 million and can be applied to properties including multifamily, mixed-use, and similar investments.
  • SBA Loans: Pendleton Financing offers SBA loan programs with flexible terms up to 25 years, no prepayment penalties, low, competitive rates, and funding up to $5 million.

Fix and Flip Lines of Credit in Atlanta, GA

For commercial real estate investors who are purchasing and renovating properties, Pendleton Financing offers fix and flip lines of credit. Our fix and flip lines of credit can be used for one or multiple properties and offer such benefits as:

  • Financing for 1 to 500+ properties
  • Applicable to single-family, condos, townhomes, and multifamily properties
  • Financing ranging from $100,000 to $50 million
  • Up to 90% of cost
  • Fixed and floating rate options
  • Revolving credit options
  • Terms from 12 to 24 months
  • Non-recourse options available
  • Foreign nationals eligible

Stated Income Loans for Properties in Atlanta, GA

For commercial real estate investors in the Atlanta area that need fast and efficient financing without the red tape of traditional lending channels, we offer stated income loans. Stated income loans from Pendleton Financing feature:

  • Loan amounts up to $500,000
  • LTV ranging from 65% to 75%
  • Terms up to 25 years
  • Fixed rates

To qualify for our stated income loans, applicants must have a credit score of at least 600, and provide employment documentation, such as a W-2.

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Whether you are purchasing your first investment property or if you have years of experience and are handling multiple projects at once in the Atlanta area, Pendleton Financing has the funding solutions you need. Contact our team today to get started.