Financing for Your Customer Accounts

If you have experienced poor cash flow because of unpaid customer accounts, your business can suffer, but it doesn’t have to. Accounts receivable financing from Pendleton Financing can help keep your business in good shape while you wait for clients to pay their accounts.

The Benefits of This Loan

The main benefit is that your business receives the money you need to stay afloat while waiting for payments and receive more funding as your sales grow. However, the loan also comes with the following benefits:

  • Non-recourse funding
  • Receive funding within 24 hours
  • Payments are not fixed
  • Personal guarantees not required

The Ways This Loan Helps

Financing receivables is perfect for companies that are bankrupt, brand new or are losing money because of unpaid client accounts. We can purchase invoices at discounted prices so you can have the assets needed to keep up with the competition. So if you allow customers 90 days to pay for your products or services, this loan can help you grow in the meantime. More than that, you can use the financing in a variety of ways for your business, including the following:

  • Payroll
  • Inventory
  • Supplies
  • Expansion expenses
  • Operating costs

Start Your Application Today

If you’re ready to accept large and new orders with complete confidence, contact us and fill out your application today. We can help you with accounts receivable financing so you can fulfill customer demand without worry.