Entertainment Industry Financing

The entertainment industry has expanded over the years. While entertainment includes television, film, music, theater, and radio, it has also expanded to digital content and streaming services. At Pendleton Financing, we have also evolved with the industry to provide entertainment financing solutions nationwide to the film industry, theater productions, television studios, music publishers, and digital development studios.

Our expertise allows us to provide financing solutions tailored to the needs of our clients so they can achieve their creative goals. Pendleton Financing works with a wide range of clients in the entertainment industry, including:

  • Production companies
  • Entertainment law firms
  • Talent agencies
  • Entertainment guilds
  • Business management firms
  • Theater management companies
  • Entertainment software companies
  • Studio Executives
  • Musicians, actors, and athletes

Film Financing

Pendleton Financing does not invest in television shows or films, but we do offer financing solutions once a project is in production. We can finance projects that have a completion bond, as well as a minimum guaranteed distribution.

Entertainment Financing Solutions

Pendleton Financing offers solutions for the entertainment industry such as:

  • Music catalog financing
  • Film production financing
  • Television series and movie financing
  • Cash management services
  • Talent and holding escrows
  • Treasury management for theater productions
  • Investment management, asset management, and liquidity services
  • International financing services, such as foreign drafts and exchange contracts

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