Financing for Businesses in the Healthcare Industry

If you need financing for your business in either a healthcare or medical industry, then you’ve come to the right place. Pendleton Financing has healthcare financing services that can help you pay for equipment and so much more to keep your business as a strong force in the industry.

How This Loan Helps

The right funding means you can stay ahead in your field and keep up with the competition. To do that your business needs to be in tip-top shape. Fortunately, our funding can help you do that. You can do the following with this financing:

  • Acquire or expand your business
  • Consolidate outstanding debt
  • Gain working capital
  • Lease medical and healthcare equipment

What the Benefits Are

Loans are not simply about receiving money. We believe you should also have excellent terms and conditions as part of the loan. That means you can look forward to the following aspects with our program:

  • Fast approval in 24 hours, in some cases
  • Terms lasting 72 months
  • Partial coverage of soft costs
  • Upfront payments are not required
  • Low monthly payments

Get Your Financing Today

We have the funding you need for your chiropractic practice, dental office, veterinary clinic, medical office or other healthcare business. Get in touch with Pendleton Financing today to fill out an application for our healthcare financing today.