Join Our Team of Brokers

At Pendleton Financing, we have regional sales positions available to anyone seeking to break into the financial industry. If you join our referral and broker program, you can gain a variety of work benefits. These include:

  • Being a member on a team of skilled professionals capable of helping you find the financing your clients need
  • Earning excellent commissions in return for your dedication and hard work
  • Working from anywhere in the country with the full backing of our network
  • Accessing versatile lending tools that offer fast turnaround times
  • Our commitment to furthering and enriching your career

If this sounds good, then consider what we are looking for. Pendleton Financing wants hard working individuals who have the following qualities:

  • Confidence to overcome rejection and still believe in your abilities
  • Friendliness to encourage others to spend time with you
  • Humorous with the ability to use this trait for solidifying customer relationships
  • Motivated to complete all tasks and handle responsibilities on time
  • Organized with the ability to stay on track through the entire sales process

Contact Our Office Today

If you would like to join our team, get in touch today. You can call to schedule an interview or send in your application for review.

Pendleton Financing Welcomes Referrals

If you are a broker who would like to preview a transaction, then we want to hear from you. The referral and broker program at Pendleton Financing is designed to handle projects both large and small. Here are some benefits to working with us:

  • Upfront disclosure of fees along with commitment letters and prompt closing payments
  • Reciprocal referrals that keep your client with you
  • Excellent commissions for any project, no matter what size
  • High-quality relationships with experienced brokers

Find Out More Today

Contact our office if you would like to know more. We look forward to helping you and your client meet your goals.