If you’re running a restaurant, chances are you’re going to need a loan at some point, just as you would with any small business. Whether this is to get you started, help you through a tough time, or make it easier to expand, there are a number of financing options available. Here are some to look into.

1. Bank and SBA Loans

These are the financing options that most people think of when they think of loans. They often come with relatively low interest rates, but they can also be difficult to get. Banks only want to loan money to businesses that are well-established financially and have good credit scores, so if you’re looking for a loan to help with expansion, this might be a good option to look into. If you’re struggling to get approval for a traditional bank loan, try applying for an SBA loan. These still require a good credit score, but they help minimize the risk for banks, allowing restaurants and other small businesses to be approved more easily.

2. Alternative Loans

If you don’t qualify for either bank or SBA loans, there are other lenders out there that are willing to take higher risks. These loans often come with higher interest rates, so make sure you really need them, but they can help you get the capital you need if you have a lower credit score. They also have lower rates than Merchant Cash Advance loans, so they’re a good next step after you try the more traditional route.

3. Equipment Financing

Restaurants require a lot of equipment, and if you’re just getting started or looking to expand, these costs can be a painful pill to swallow. Financing your equipment can allow you to get what you need without requiring you to front the cash. These are also usually relatively easy to get approval for since the equipment serves as collateral. Just make sure the items you purchase will last as long or longer than your loan, as you don’t want to have to replace it while you’re still paying it off the first time.

Like any small business, running a restaurant brings many ups and downs. If cash is getting tight or if you’re considering expanding, look into the many types of financing options available to see which ones you can take advantage of. These may be just what you need to help you succeed in the long run.