Running a startup is less difficult when you have a business partner by your side. As challenges arise and times get tough, motivation can sink. Thankfully, you have one another to lean on and boost spirits. Here are a few ways to keep each other inspired, so that you both continue pushing forward and making the best of every day.

Discuss the Mission

You must have a clear understanding of your venture’s purpose. Talk about your ultimate business desires and what inclined you both to take this entrepreneurial path. Once you’ve been in operation for some time, you might start to feel lost. Having a written statement during these times can be extremely helpful. Occasionally remind your partner why you decided to embark on this journey together.

Split Responsibilities

Take the time to designate specific duties. You each have unique strengths and weaknesses, so divide tasks according to what makes the most sense. If one job is particularly undesirable, you can shift the balance of responsibilities until you each feel that the agreement is fair. This will help prevent thoughts of resentment and bitterness that can tear business friendships apart.

Execute a New Project

After the excitement of starting a business wears off, mixing things up might be in order. Get innovative and dream up novel ways of serving customers, or design a unique product. A fresh challenge, especially one with the promise of increased profits, will often be enough to reawaken the passion to get things done. Use the power of a collaborative brainstorm to come up with a smart plan of attack that excites both of you.

Solicit Your Partner’s Help

Everyone wants to feel needed. One way of doing this is by asking for assistance. Make your associate realize that there are tasks you cannot handle alone. In addition to increasing your coworker’s self-confidence, you’ll likely get more done. 

Thank Your Colleague

As work becomes routinized, it’s easy to start taking the completion of office necessities for granted. Now and then, offer a word of appreciation for everything your partner takes care of. Supplement compliments with a small token, such as a cup of coffee or candy bar. It’s amazing the difference that even minuscule gestures can make.

Your business partner is a critical aspect of your operation. Your relationship will be better if you become skilled at putting that person in the right frame of mind. Try these techniques and see if they improve your counterpart’s mood.