Business managers seldom pay a great deal of attention to the condition of equipment and office machinery used to conduct business for their company. Having other concerns that focus more on personnel, they don’t often think about the status of equipment. Yet, aging equipment is one of the primary ways that efficiency will begin to downgrade in your workplace, and even worse, you may be losing out on huge efficiency gains associated with modern technology. Here are some of the ways that old equipment might be really costing your company.

More Repairs and Maintenance

As office machinery and equipment ages, it becomes more susceptible to needing repairs and maintenance. Old equipment will also require more energy as a rule, and that will increase your utility bills because more power is needed to allow them to operate at the same level. As an example, LED lighting is much more efficient than any other kind of lighting, because it uses far less power. Modern HVAC systems are also much more energy-efficient, and if your company isn’t using these, you’re probably paying far too much for your utilities.

OSHA and EPA Standards

You can be confident that all new equipment purchased these days can meet or exceed standards imposed by OSHA and the Environmental Protection Agency. That means health standards and safety standards in the workplace are all being met, and you won’t have to implement artificial policies or add-on procedures in order to achieve compliance.

Lower Production or Output

Another hallmark of aging equipment is that it is less capable of producing the kind of output it was capable of when it was new. In order to achieve that same level of production, you would probably have to buy a newer model of the same type of equipment. Even if you continue to make repairs as needed and try to apply upgrades to your equipment, it will still probably not be capable of meeting the production levels that modern equipment is capable of.

Is Your Company’s Equipment Becoming Too Old? 

When your company equipment begins to age, it becomes less efficient and that can quickly start costing you money. Contact us at Pendleton Commercial Financing if you’re thinking of replacing your old equipment, so you can again achieve high levels of efficiency in your business.